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2G to 3G

Cellular alarm communicators are one of the few tools that reward security dealers with increased productivity, reduced maintenance and access to many revenue generating services for such a low cost. They are based on quality technology that, along with other high-grade electronics, will eventually evolve to an even higher level. The 2G Sunset is the date when today’s 2G products will be forced to evolve.

This primer will explain the essential details security dealers need to understand as they weigh the decision to either continue installing 2G (GSM or GPRS) or to make the wise switch to products for 3G/4G and CDMA networks. We hope this document helps security dealers understand the scope of the change that is afoot and motivates them to join Telguard in moving to 3G/4G and CDMA as soon as possible.

To see if your system would be affected, and schedule a communications equipment replacement, contact our Service Department at 608-442-8777


My smoke detectors are chirping, what do I do?

Capital Fire’s smoke detectors do not chirp; they communicate directly with our Central Station. If yours is chirping, the most common cause is that you have a simple battery-powered (usually 9-volt) smoke detector in need of a fresh battery.

How do I add/delete users from my key pad?

Please see the product specific owner’s manual provided on the product literature page then follow the instructions.

Why is my keypad showing “comm fail”?

You may have had an interruption in service. To clear you will need to arm your system, trip it, and let the siren go for approximately thirty seconds. Enter your combination to silence the alarm and your keypad should clear.

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